F.350 ERV

F.350 ERV

The reQnet ERV from the reQ F. series in an ultra-slim casing is a premium-class suspended ventilation unit with intelligent control system.

Available versions:

reQ F.350 ERV

Anti-smog filters

with two-stage air filtration


Take care of the health of your family!
High energy recovery

Thanks to the heat exchanger with a length of half a meter!


Also in the version with moisture recovery system!
Fully equipped in standard version

with carbon dioxide and humidity sensors


Intelligent control based on quality of air for comfort and savings!
Stainless steel casing

and only 26 cm in height


Highest quality and performance parameters!

Available versions:

reQ F.350 ERV

FULLY EQUIPPED IN STANDARD VERSIONHave everything you really need

We want you to take advantage of all of the conveniences we offer. That is why, when you purchase our product, you receive a fully equipped device at no extra charge. Enjoy it 100%, not the halfway.

New level of standard equipment in heat recovery ventilators

Moduł WiFi
Filtr antysmogowy
System stałego przepływu

Device automation as standard with Wi-Fi module – allows wireless communication with the recuperator through cloud allows you to control device from anywhere with internet access and remote service.

Moduł WiFI

Innovative dual air filtration system with optional ePM1>80% (F9) anti-smog filter protecting suspended particles PM1 and PM2,5. This set allows for effective fight against smog in winter and pollen in the summer season.

Filtr antysmogowy

Built-in constant flow system automatically balances air flows in and out, guaranteeing proper operation of the heat recovery and ventilation system regardless of the filter condition.

Moduł WiFI
Wbudowany czujnik wilgotności
Czujnik CO2
Nagrzewnica wstępna PTC

Built-in carbon dioxide sensor enables continuous measurement of indoor air quality. The device, working in Intelligent mode, is able to recognize moments that require intensive ventilation – such as lunch with the family. Allowing for efficient air exchange.

Wbudowany czujnik CO2

Thanks to equipping the device with an air humidity level sensor, the device is capable of autonomously identifying moments of excessive moisture production in the building – e.g. bathing or prolonged cooking. An advanced algorithm will ensure a quick removal of its excess from the building’s interior.

Moduł WiFI

The built-in, smoothly controlled PTC preheater serves as an energy-efficient and reliable solution ensuring comfort of operation for the recuperator in all temperature conditions

Nagrzewnica wstępna PTC

To meet the expectations of the most demanding customers in reQ units, special low-speed EC fans are used, characterized by a low level of generated noise and low energy consumption. They also allow for smooth adjustment of performance.

Wentylatory EC

The fully automatic and isolated bypass of the heat exchanger allows for optimal utilization of the Free Cooling phenomenon during the summer period and excellent use of cool air from the ground heat exchanger.

Automatyczny bypass

One of the most advanced home automation features in domestic recuperators – and it comes as standard equipment! It allows for easy connection of various types of peripheral devices. It also enables communication with smart home systems.

Rozbudowana automatyka
System montażowy
Suchy syfon

The dry siphon supplied with the device allows for trouble-free and maintenance-free operation of the condensate drainage system throughout the year, eliminating the need to refill the water seal during the summer to ensure the system’s tightness.

Suchy syfon dostarczany w zestawie z urządzeniem pozwala na bezawaryjną I bezobsługową pracę systemu odprowadzania skroplin na przestrzeni całego roku eliminując konieczność uzupełniania zakmnięcia wodnego w okresie letnim dla zapewnienia szczelności układu.

Smart Mode

Innovative control system for reQnet heat recovery units

Energy savings

Energy savings through optimization of the heat recovery unit's operation based on current conditions in the building.

Automatic operation

Without the need for involving household members in the daily operation of the ventilation system and manual changes in its performance.

Higher air quality

24/7 in-house operation to improve the comfort and health of the entire family.


CONTROLControl the heat recovery unit with your phone

In each central unit, we have placed a Wi-Fi module that connects to your home internet and allows convenient control of the device via the phone by any family member – even on the couch, even on the other side of the world!

The reQnet application provides full control of your heat recovery unit, without the need to install additional wall controllers. It allows you to control various operating modes of the device and enables remote viewing of current working parameters.

Rich library of operating modes and programs

Rich library of operating modes and programs


Advanced solutions in the IN-OUT cassette

reQnet heat recovery units come with a modern hi-tech automation system as standard equipment. It controls the operation of all device parameters using advanced algorithms.

The reQnet automation board has been equipped with several additional connectors allowing cooperation with a wide range of peripheral devices.

We have also developed an innovative IN-OUT cassette that allows you to remove and insert the automation board into the device with just one move!

Connect to the cloud and remote service

Don’t get left behind and update your heat recovery unit’s software independently with cloud work. You can also provide remote access to your device for the installer or service technician!

Stay updated and maximize your heat recovery unit’s capabilities. Cloud connection allows for automatic software updates and remote access for the service technician!

DOUBLE FILTRATIONInnovative double anti-smog filtration system in reQnet heat recovery unitsstops over 95% of PM10 smog particles

two-stage filtration system using two pleated filters, including an F9 precision filter, guarantees the capture of over 80% of the smallest PM1 smog particles, which are less than 1 micrometer in size. These particles are the most dangerous to our bodies because they can penetrate directly into the bloodstream and spread to internal organs.


Original filters included in the price of replacements!

*When you buy reQnet filters for over 200 zł at

Regular filter replacement can ensure the long-term operation of your device. Clean filters also mean clean air in your home!

Clean filters also mean clean air in your home!

Only 35 db(A)*

One of the quietest recuperators on the market

The reQ V. recuperator, thanks to the use of special technologically advanced low-speed blowers combined with a filling of energy-absorbing foam with streamlined internal shapes, guarantees full comfort in using the ventilation system at home without annoying noise.

* The nominal acoustic power level for the reQ V.400 mode

COUNTERFLOW HEAT EXCHANGERSThe heat exchanger is the heart of a heat recovery unit

In reQnet ventilation units, it is possible to use two different types of heat exchangers: a standard counterflow heat exchanger HRV or an enthalpic counterflow ERV.

The used counterflow heat exchangers with cross-partitions allow air exchange and do not allow mixing of air. They recover thermal energy, and in the case of an enthalpic heat exchanger also humidity.

Exchangers of this type do not contain moving parts, which makes them very durable and easy to keep clean.

Counterflow HRV heat exchanger

Counterflow enthalpic ERV heat exchanger

High airtightness



Antibacterial – resistant to mold and bacteria






Long lifespan



No moving parts that can fail



No penetration of pollutants and odors



They do not use electrical energy to work



Heat recovery



Moisture recovery and maintaining optimal humidity levels in the home

up to 95%

up to 85%

Heat Energy Recovery



Lower likelihood of freezing and the need for defrosting the exchanger



Necessity of condensate drainage

Necessity of drainage to the sewer

Moisture passes into the supply air *


Plastic and polymer membrane

*  In the case of reQ V and H, due to the high flow, it is recommended to connect the drain to the sewer

Slim design


Installation even in the least obvious places thanks to the lack of condensate drainage. Perfect for installation even in residential buildings.


Thanks to the unique low construction with a special flat heat exchanger, the height of the reQ F unit is only 26 cm! This allows the ceiling-mounted ventilation unit to take up very little space and fit even in small spaces of suspended ceilings.

The unit does not have a condensate drain, so it can be installed practically anywhere in the house. This facilitates the planning of installations in already inhabited buildings or in those without a garage or dedicated boiler room.

The dedicated mounting bracket made of stainless steel allows for very easy and stable mounting on the ceiling or wall.

HARMONIOUS DESIGNThe only 100% stainless steel heat recovery unit in Poland

filled with acoustic PE foam without thermal bridges

There is no place for compromise here