Anti-smog filter box

iZZi SF 160/200

Double filtrationAnti-smog filter box

The iZZi SP filter box for ventilation systems, thanks to its double filtration (with an F9 class precise filter), provides very high protection against smog by purifying the supplied air by up to 96% (from PM10 smog particles). It also allows for the use of anti-allergenic dust filters recommended especially for allergy sufferers. The box is designed for installation on ventilation ducts and can work with most available on the market. Thanks to it, the air in the house will not only be fresh but also clean and healthy throughout the year.

Efficiency of filtration of suspended particles of various diameters:

PM10  —- 96%
PM 2,5 — 90%
PM1   —– 83%

MINIMIZATION OF HEAT LOSSThermal insulation from foam

The insulation of components located on the supply duct or the intake duct is crucial because it protects against water condensation and heat loss. That’s why iZZi SF filter boxes come standard with thermal insulation made of water-resistant foam with additional soundproofing properties. The special design of the box ensures high filter and inspection flap sealing.

The iZZi SF box housing is entirely made of corrosion-resistant brushed stainless steel.

With the purchase of an iZZi SF filter box, a set of filters* is included for free!

* The set consists of a pre-filter M5 and an anti-smog filter F9, provided inside the box.

EFFECTIVE PROTECTION AGAINST SMOGInnovative dual anti-smog filtration system in the filter boxstops over 95% of PM10 smog particles

Standard filters in ventilation systems only capture basic outdoor air pollutants such as dust and insects. However, during the winter season, the air contains many other harmful pollutants. Therefore, to protect occupants from the negative effects of harmful smog particles, it is necessary to use highly efficient filters with at least F9 filtration class.

The dual filtration system used in iZZi SF filter boxes ensures protection even against the smallest smog particles, such as PM1 particles smaller than 1 micrometer. These particles are the most dangerous to our health as they can penetrate directly into the bloodstream through the lungs and spread to internal organs. Most ‘anti-smog’ filters available on the market only protect against larger particles such as PM10 and PM2.5.

Original filters included in the price of replacements!

*When you buy reQnet filters for over 200 zł at

Regular filter replacement can ensure the long-term operation of your device. Clean filters also mean clean air in your home!

Original filters guarantee high quality!

CLASSES OF FILTRATIONDifferent types of filters

In ventilation systems, filters of various filtration classes are used. The cheapest filters made of filter fleece have a class from G1 to G3 and only trap large contaminants such as sand, insects, and have a low dust holding capacity. In reQnet devices, high-quality cassette filters with a class of M5 are used as pre-filters, providing basic protection against dust and various types of particles found in the outdoor air. Thanks to their pleated construction, their surface area is several times larger than that of flat filters, resulting in a much longer replacement interval for such filters.

The iZZi SF filtration box, in addition to the M5 pre-filter, allows for the installation of an F7 anti-dust filter dedicated to allergy sufferers, as well as an extremely high-class F9 anti-smog filter. These filters should be installed according to the specific needs and at certain times of the year.

The iZZi SF filtration box, apart from the M5 pre-filter, allows for the installation of an F7 anti-pollen filter dedicated to allergy sufferers, as well as an F9 anti-smog filter with very high filtration class. These filters should be installed according to the specific needs and at certain times of the year.


The filters should be installed so that the direction indicated by the arrows on the filter label aligns with the direction of airflow. This ensures optimal performance and efficiency of the filter box.


Mounting the filter box in installations equipped with devices containing pressure sensors and not factory-adapted for the installation of additional filters may result in messages indicating exceeded resistance values. In such cases, ventilation performance should be reduced.

It is very important to consider the additional air resistance generated by the filter box and the filters installed in it. If the ventilation system does not have automatic airflow regulation, then manual adjustment of the supply air relative to the exhaust in the ventilation system should be performed.


Methods of mounting filters according to the direction of airflow

The iZZi SF filter box features universal mounting for right/left orientation. To change the direction of airflow, simply swap and rotate the filters. The M5 pre-filter must always be installed first.

RIGHT-SIDE installation

LEFT-SIDE installation

Installation on the supply or intake Methods of filter installation based on the location of the filter box

The iZZi SF filter box can be installed in the mechanical ventilation system on the supply duct. In cases where there is no space for it or access to filter replacement on the supply duct would be difficult.

On the intake duct

When the filter box is located in front of the recuperator, the filter on the air intake in the recuperator should be removed to avoid increasing the air resistance of the entire installation (the exhaust filter must remain in the unit). The filter on the intake in the unit is unnecessary because contaminants are already removed in the installed filter box.

 Airflow supply

When the filter box is installed after the recuperator, the filters in the recuperator should be left in place, as they also protect the fan and heat exchanger from contamination. Only a precise filter should be installed in the filter box to clean the air of finer contaminants.