Najbardziej innowacyjne rekuperatory w swojej klasie.

The iZZi 402 ERV is the first recuperator on the market with a compact two-part housing! It allows for wall mounting of the unit by a single person and easy access for servicing to all components. It will fit perfectly above a washing machine or refrigerator. The iZZi 402 recuperator comes standard with a moisture recovery heat exchanger (ERV) and achieves a performance of 400 m³/h.

The iZZi 302 ERV, as the first recuperator on the market, was designed and has been offered exclusively with a membrane heat exchanger with moisture recovery (ERV) from the very beginning. The compact housing conceals rich equipment, including a full and insulated bypass, and a performance level of 300 m³/h. Its universal mounting capability in multiple positions allows for installation in most buildings, even those already inhabited.

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