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Next-generation intelligent recuperators

reQ V. are hanging ventilation units with upper connection duct exits. reQ V units come in two versions with capacities of 400 and 550 m³/h and are also available with a humidity recovery (ERV) exchanger.

reQ H. are ventilation units with side mounting ducts and a narrow two-sided housing with universal mounting. They are adapted, among others, for installation in home attics and lofts. reQ H units are available in versions with capacities of 400 and 500 m³/h and can have an enthalpic humidity recovery (ERV) exchanger.

reQ F. 350 ERV is an ultra-flat ventilation unit with universal ceiling, floor, or wall mounting, without the need for connecting the condensate drain. The device comes standard with an enthalpic humidity recovery (ERV) exchanger. The reQ F unit is available in a version with a capacity of 350 m³/h.

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