We create heat recovery units with health and comfort in mind

We gathered installers, designers, IT specialists, and heat recovery system users. Then, together, we selected a set of features that the dream heat recovery unitshould have… and that’s where we started our creative work.

Creative R&D team

To optimize the creative process, we invited people with many years of experience in the design of heat recovery units, as well as a completely new, young team of engineers, to the project. We wanted to stimulate them to take creative action and create a space for the realization of the impossible. That’s how the only budget-friendly iZZi heat recovery unit with an enthalpic exchanger was created, and later the premium reQ F, H, and V heat recovery units.

Our Products

What sets Us apart?

reQnet heat recovery units are well-thought-out devices for mechanical ventilation systems in single-family homes. When creating them, we placed special emphasis on comfort and ease of use, as well as ensuring the best ventilation parameters for the health of household members.


We use high-quality materials, components, insulation, and housing elements.


An optimized production process ensures control at every stage.


We use state-of-the-art solutions to ensure trouble-free and long-lasting use of the heat recovery units.


The complex standard equipment enables complete automation of the heat recovery unit’s operation as well as cost savings.


In-house production and distribution are the key to maintaining high quality.

We have full control over all production processes. We conduct careful quality control of both semi-finished products supplied by our suppliers and all of our final products. All this to meet the highest quality standards.

WHYour solutions are cheaper than the competition’s?


We manage resources thoughtfully and efficiently to achieve reduced manufacturing costs while keeping great quality.


We use an innovative distribution method that allows us to maintain low costs and smooth production adjustment to demand.


We do not cut corners on materials and components, providing high-quality equipment, original.

BE AWAREwe’re eco

We live in extraordinary times. Technology allows us to enjoy life in an unprecedented way, and mechanical ventilation allows us to breathe fresh air at home all year round. Thanks to heat recovery, we reduce the energy demand needed to heat the building.

Low-energy construction is one of the key issues affecting the restoration of balance to our planet.

We want to support environmental protection with you! That’s why we introduced 100% recyclable eco-friendly packaging in our company, so you won’t have any problems disposing of them.

Let’s be eco! Together!


We focus on the team

We know that it doesn’t matter where you work, but how you do it. Therefore, despite the mainly remote work of our team, we put a lot of emphasis on cooperation, communication, and engagement. We create solutions that we would like to use in our homes, but we also support customers in the way we would like to be served.